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From "Aaron Nance" <>
Subject Re: Tomcat in Win2k with IIS
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 15:39:53 GMT
To answer you question about if there is a difference between the JRE and the J2SDK, the answer
is a definite yes.  The difference is that the JRE does not come with the Java byte-code compiler
and you need that in order to run Tomcat.  Also, if you are not sure how to set environment
variables in NT I would suggest getting a book on how to run NT.


>>> 06/05/01 04:03PM >>>
I am currently trying to install Tomcat 3.2.2 on a windows 2000 box with
IIS.  I am really confused. Can Tomcat be run standalone as its own web
server?  Or does it have to have a webserver installed (like IIS).  I tried
to follow the tomcat_ug.htm file for installation.  I went through the "How
do I Install the Binary Version of Tomcat" and when I got down to set
environment variable JAVA_HOME.  I started to loose it.  I don't have JDK
installed but I do have JRE1.3 installed (Is there a difference?)  And what
is the Java interpreter, and where do I find that?

So then I moved on.  I saw that I could use scrips to setup Tomcat.  I tried
Tomcat env and I guess it didn't work.  

Next I tried the Tomcat IIS How To.  I followed the Installation.  I
downloaded the DLL and put it in \bin\win32\i386
I went through and did minor changes to  Then I went
through the painful task of adding the key and strings into the registry.
It is a new web server so I made the root directory the dir with the DLL
file.  (Does it have to be a virtual dir?)  I then added the filter and
restarted IIS.  There is still a Red arrow next to the filter.  That is when
I put everything down.  (BIG HEADACH)  

Thank you for your time!

Matthew Winer

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