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From "Aaron Nance" <>
Subject Re: Netscape and Tomcat
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 16:55:09 GMT
I know a lot of the time Netscape 4.76 on Windows tends to become a zombie process if you push
it to much.   When this happens the browser starts behaving erratically.  Exit out of Netscape
and check you task manager.  If you see netscape.exe in the task list kill it then relaunch
Netscape.  That usually works for me, anyway.


>>> 05/31/01 10:46PM >>>
Does anybody know of any reason why Tomcat would not work properly with

When I try to access my server, using http://localhost:8080, it correctly
returns the Tomcat default page.  However, none of the links work, and I
cannot access any of my own applications (JSPs) under Tomcat.  I have
observed this behaviour on Windows 2000 and on Linux with Netscape 4.75.
Netscape 6 is OK, as is IE.

Any ideas?

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