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From Mark Himsley <>
Subject Number of threads running
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 22:42:22 GMT

I'm running tomcat 3.2.2 connecting through Apache using AJP12 on RedHat
6.2 with jdk1.3.1 and not much memory (a development system).

I am wondering about the number of threads I see running - looking at the
output of `ps aux` I can see 18 threads. I have two connectors setup, an
HttpConnectionHandler with <Parameter name="max_threads" value="2"/> and
an Ajp12ConnectionHandler with <Parameter name="max_threads" value="5"/>.

I'm just wondering why there are an extra 11 threads, and what they might
be doing (and yes I do know I could dump the HttpConnectionHandler but
occasionally it is useful to check that Apache and Tomcat are setup


Mark Himsley
In Acton

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