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From Twylite <>
Subject Per-context authentication database
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 09:26:10 GMT

It is possible to have a per-context authentication database, especially one that does not
have to be configured 
using server.xml ?

This is the sort of scenario I am looking at:  A WAR file is added to the webapps directory,
and on restarting 
Tocmat will be deployed.  It contains all of the information necessary for it to function,
including its own 
password database (and maybe even the database drivers).  There is no need to modify the server.xml
in any 

The very important catch here is that I want to use Tomcat's support for form logon - that
is, the form-logon-
page and logon-error-page in the web.xml, and all that jazz.  I do not intend writing my own
logic to handle the 

Can this be done?

If it can't, would it be possible to do it by making a new RequestInterceptor?


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