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From Twylite <>
Subject Re: Per-context authentication database
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 15:39:23 GMT

I sortof answered my own question, by writing my own Realm to do the trick.  But I'm having
some trouble :/

>to override the default.  In the realm implementation authenticate() I
>just do stuff like
>    Context ctx = req.getContext();
>    String jaasConfigEntry = ctx.getInitParameter(jaasConfigKey);

Interestingly I'm doing something almost exactly like that ... but no matter what page/context
I'm accessing I 
appear to be getting the root context from req.getContext() .  Any suggestions?

>I'm not sure what you mean by not wanting to write your own logic to
>handle the authentication.  JDBC realm simply does string comparison

Many in the Great Unwashed Masses seem oblivious to the existance of Tomcat's logon handling,
and write 
their own code in JSPs with lots of If...Thens to check if the person is logged on, and authenticate
in their own 
way against their own database(s).  i.e. not using Realms at all.



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