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From "LeRoi" <>
Subject newbie: At web servers.
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2001 10:51:26 GMT

With much ado and help from this user group I finally got Tomcat up and
running on my NT server box.  Again, many thanx to all.  When I type
http://localhost:8080/ I get the example page up.  Now my stupid question
is, how do I call that same page from my client machine?  I have tried:
http://ServerName:</path/to/tomcat>/webapps/ROOT/index.html and
http://ServerName:8080/ with no success.  If I point Windows Explorer to the
index.html file and open it, the page is displayed.  However, clicking on
any link does not display anything but a blank page.

Does this mean that I have to install Apache and then configure Tomcat to
work with it if I want to access pages on another machine over my little


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