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From Alexander Hörnlein <>
Subject AW(...)(Abwesenheitsnotiz) german is not that easy
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 13:54:58 GMT
RE: Antw:
notiz)(Abwesenheitsnotiz) (Abwesenheitsnotiz)
  should be
  Halten Sie Ihre Klappe.

  (Petra is female).
    Haltens seine clappe!

i know this is waay off topic but:

'sie' is (in this context) the polite translation of 'you' (in opposite to
the informal translation to 'du') (and 'ihre' is the polite translation of
'your'). even if the mail came from a 'hans' then you have to write 'Halten
Sie ihre Klappe'.

btw: if you want to be that rude you could also say 'halt deine klappe'
where 'deine' is the informal translation of 'your'. or just 'schnauze!'
where you can omit any form of adress.

alexander hoernlein

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