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From Alexander Hörnlein <>
Subject AW: How to disable Backspace Button in the Keyboard
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 08:48:33 GMT
: Whenever the user presses backspace key in the keyboard the
: browser goes to
: the previous page, which crashes our site when the user tries to save its
: contents once again or he loses data which have been typed.
: I think its remedy is to disable backspace button by JavaScript, but how
: should I do it ?
: If anybody know this code snippet please let me to know

you can't change such low-level mechanisms of browsers with javascript only.
you'd have to use things like trusted java-applets, activex and such. if you
could do that with js that would be such an enourmous security problem that
no user would activate javascript anymore.

you can access the history (normally only the last item) and capture events
in all frames but menus / toolbar of the browser is (and should be) out of
javascripts range. of course you could do such nasty things like <body> but that's not a solution but a deadend.

what i once did is that every link uses location.replace() so whenever the
user goes back he actually leaves / restarts the application. additionally i
rebuilt the back/forward buttons inside the application. the user gets
informed about this at the starting page of the application.

the second solution is to give every link a hidden uid, so you can check if
a link is used twice. i am trying this right now and it looks promising
although i have currently no satisfying solution on how to react in a
user-friendly way on a second usage apart from just not responding to that

alexander hoernlein

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