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From Ralph Einfeldt <>
Subject AW: Configuration and performance
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 14:02:24 GMT
1. has been discussed several times in this list, 
   here my last reply to this question:
There are some things to add:

- tomcat has to run as root to use a privileged
  port (like 80). Apache just opens the port as 
  root and spawns children under a different
  user id that process the requests.

- there are several modules around that only
  exist for apache (Like mod_gzip, mod_zlog)

- tomcat doesn't support Frontpage Server 
  Extensions (Or other CGI-Packages)
  (Please no flames, I'm not using it, but
   some of our customers)

Summary from previous posts:
- tomcat access logging is not standard
- apache will be faster in serving static content
- apache will be faster in 'speaking' http
- apache 'speaks' HTTP 1.1, tomcat 3.x speaks only 1.0
- apache is more stable
- apache is more secure

2. With linux you should hardly have reasons to use a ramdisk as 
   you are talking about. What you need is enough memory.
   Linux is quite good at caching file data on it's on.

   What effect the speed of your harddrive has to your application
   depends more on your application than on tomcat.
   If you have enough memory nearly everything that is needed
   will be in memory.
   Looking isolated at tomcat there will be a high impact for the
   write access (Look at the logs that are generated).

3. Tomcat has no memory limit of it's own. It just dependends on the os
   and the vm (Since 1.3.1 you can use more than 2 GB as heap with the 
   sun vm)

4. I don't know

> -----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Brian Kejser []
> Gesendet: Freitag, 1. Juni 2001 15:06
> An: ''
> Betreff: Configuration and performance
> Hi
> 1. Is there any advantage in using Apache Web Server as a front end to
> Tomcat when the bulk of the site being served is dynamic 
> (i.e. servlets)?
> 2. Is there any advantage in using high end drives on a 
> Tomcat Web Server
> (running Red Hat Linux on Intel hardware)? When is disk 
> access required
> (i.e. what is cached in memory and what isn't)? Would using a 
> RAM drive
> negate the need for high end drives? If so, what files would 
> be placed in
> the RAM drive?
> 3. How much memory can Tomcat take advantage of (512M, 1024M)?
> 4. How does Tomcat perform in relation to other Java 
> Application Servers?
> Are there any web sites that display test results?
> Thank you

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