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From "Camilo Lopez" <>
Subject Virtual hosting . . .
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 01:35:15 GMT

I searched the archives, but did not find exactly what I was lookign for.

Here is my situation:

I need to do Java work from home. I am using Tomcat 4 b-5 on Linux RH 7.1 
and need to set up virtual hosts from a single machine with multiple JVM 
running so that I need to restart I just restart what I am working on, and 
not my own webserver.

Let's say I own "", I need for:

1._ everything that looks like <whatever> to be directed to my site. 

   prefix:				Would go to:
  ""	"sillyshop" virtual machine version 13
  ""		"sillyshop" virtual machine most current (, 
latest) version
  ""	"veryimportant" virtual machine

and with this setup I would have three JVM running (/ Tomcat instances?) in 
my server, namely, "" 's, "" 's and 
"" 's

2._ Be able to restrict from where people are getting to my host and in 
case, there are people that do not belong to a certain IP range, silently 
redirect them to my own site, "".
  This way you can protect confidentiallity. Only people that are coming 
from certain places, can see/participate on what they are supposed to.

  Now, my questions:

  How do you do this, and please, notice that I want/need to you use one 
running JVM for each project?

  What should my ISP do to redirect all "<whatever>" traffic to my 

  What about if clients need for me to develop/test also mail, ftp servers, 
... how would redirections work in this case?

  Security isues?

  Could I use ipchains to route the request to servers other than Tomcat?

  Any other issues that I am not aware of?

  Any references, links, etc?

  I don't want to run any chances to mess it up with other projects, so that 
is why I will run multiple JVM, but what is your experience?

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