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From "Simon MacMullen" <>
Subject Disabling exception handling in JSP generated servlet?
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:04:37 GMT short, is it possible?

The long version: I have a nice Model 2 web application, and my servlet
implements various error logging options (display exception in HTML, log to
file, display user-friendly error message, etc). This is fine if any
Throwable comes out of the application itself, but if an exception is thrown
in the JSP page the servlet has chained to, Tomcat intercepts it and
displays its own error page.

I can see why you'd need this for Model 1, otherwise throwing an exception
would kill your app server. But is there any way to ensure the generated
_jspService() method does not contain a try-catch block at all? I don't want
to specify an error page in every JSP, because I'd like to keep all the
error handling unified.

Any help would be most appreciated,

Simon MacMullen

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