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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: [POLL] Tomcat 3.x RPMS : Which XML Parser to be put in ? : WA S : XML parser: old version
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 09:42:10 GMT
>> I launch that poll to see if which XML parser RPMS users want to
>> see included by default.
>Probably no XML parser should be included. . Just document the
>fact that
>admin should synlink necessary jars to the tomcat lib
>directory. IMHO it
>is wrong idea to include parser with any java app which requires it.
>JAXP API makes this unnecessary (definitely unless Tomcat uses some
>special private API from crimson or xerces).

If I didn't include a default XML parser, we'll receive just too many
emails from new users telling about 'tomcat couldn't find XML parser'.

The XML parser should be included in the distro since new and average
users MAY never use XML in their apps.

The experienced users in XML known what is JAXP, NAMESPACE, and also
know what parser they want to be used. Note that with TC 3.3/4.0 you'll
could use a different parser...

The real question is what could be a reasonable choice as XML for 
Tomcat (size, functionnalities, stability...)

I'll forward the POLL to general-xml and general-jakarta !:

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