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From "Brandon Cruz" <>
Subject RE: Extra header data on browser IE
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 15:44:38 GMT
I have the exact same problem when using a tomcat-apache configuration.  I
have not been able to find a solution for that problem with
response.sendRedirect().  I have resorted to using <jsp:forward> in my
pages.  I forget what method that translates to in Java, but I think someone
posted something about it a few days ago.


-----Original Message-----
From: Yogesh Shah(JP) []
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2001 10:35 AM
Subject: Extra header data on browser IE

Hi All,

I am using JDK1.3, IIS-4, Tomcat 3.1 and XSQL servlet(from oracle network
for simplified sql-xml-xsl transformation) on win NT server 4.
This servlet parses the xsql file and outputs html format.
    I have also configured the Tomcat-IIS through ISAPI-redirector
(downloaded from

Now I am using a redirector component in java (using servletContext) to
redirect the browser from one xsql page to another.
The component clears the ServletResponse Buffer and the redirects to
required URL.
// ********************************* Code snap **********************
   HttpServletResponse res = request.getHttpServletResponse();
Folowing commands
  if(!res.isCommitted())     // Checks if the header contents are already
written or not
   res.reset();                 // remove the buffer containts if header is
not written
   reportError(rootNode,"Already commited");

try {
     res.sendRedirect(strRedirectURL);        // redirect to required URL
   }catch (Exception lEx) {
// *********************************

    This works fine when I view pages which are got redirected from above
component on tomcat- IE-5/Netscape 4.7(NS) when accesed tomcat direcly
through 8080 port and also works fine when the same page is viewed in
Netscape through IIS (through default port 80) .
    But I am getting the extra header data on browser (on top) in IE when
view the same pages through IIS. This is the problem occuring only on IE -
IIS - Tomcat configuration. The extra data contains header information and
some HTML data also.

*** does anybody haves any solution or any idea why is so happening.
Please kindly reply if you have any soltion or suggetion.


Yogesh Shah

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