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Subject Re[2]: Antw: AW: Antw:Antw:Antw:Re:Re[2]:TomcatBook -wasTOMCATSUCKS (Abwesenheitsnotiz)(Abwesenheitsnotiz)(
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 15:13:23 GMT

I have sent an unsubscribe mail to the list server. If it doesn't request a
confirmation that should do.


Please respond to

cc:         (bcc: Wilko Hische/HADV/NL)
Subject:        Re: Antw: AW: Antw:Antw:Antw:Re:Re[2]:TomcatBook-wasTOMCATSUCKS

if nothing happens before 1800GMT could someone please unsubscribe this person ?
I'm sure none of us wants a full mailbox on monday :-(

At 29/06/2001 14:36:55, Christoph Fischer <> wrote:
#  I've send a mail to their info&webmaster account hopes
#  it will stop this nonsense....
#  Chris

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