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From "Pedro Henrique Ponchio" <pe...@ASPATECH.COM.BR>
Subject problems with the tomcat 4.0
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 22:11:19 GMT
Hello all,

A question about Tomcat 4 beta 5 issue.

I just decide to move from Tomcat 3.2.1 to 4 because we are facing some
insoluble "sealing violations" problems. Ok, I download all the required
packages (jss2, jaxp, jmx, jndi, newer jdk 1.3, ant, regexp,
jakarta-servletapi-4 and jakarta-tomcat-4.), using the CVS. All the
packages are build correctly, and I put everything on my path, except
tomcat, that show some errors on import RE.class and
RESyntaxException.class. Once I´m sure that was not a path problem, I
just copy this two classes from
$REGEXP_HOME/bin/classes/org/apache/regexp to
$CATALINA_HOME/catalina/build/classes/org/apache/regexp, and try to
rebuild it. The build was successful. 
So, I copy the contents of the "build" directory to
/usr/local/jakarta/tomcat-4.0. So I edit the to include all
my classes, (equal than my on the tomcat 3.2.1 version, that
works fine, except from that sealing violation error that appear in our
new jsp app).

The problem is that ' start' command runs, but not work (ps
-ef | grep java  returns nothing). The only way to put something on the
memory is using the option ' debug'. Could you tell me if
there is something wrong with my configuration?

Any idea would be helpful. 

Pedro Henrique
São Paulo - Brazil

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