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From Brock Barber <>
Subject Tomcat dies when window closes
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 20:07:17 GMT
Hi all

Experienced odd problem with Tomcat shutting down when the window that
is used to start it is closed. 

We have been happily running Apache 1.3.12/Tomcat 3.2.1/SSL on SunOS 5.6
for several months. The machine is located elsewhere so I telnet on to
it, su to root and run the startup script using

/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1/bin/ -f
/web/sitename/java/conf/server.xml and are the ones included with the binary
distribution and were not modified. 

My understanding is that sends a "start" parameter to which then starts tomcat as a background process.  I close the
telnet window and the process continues merrily on.  Or it used to.

A few days ago I restarted Tomcat/Apache to fix a log file problem.
Tomcat first, then apache.  Started fine, tested fine.  When I checked
later Tomcat was dead.  Repeated the process several times before I
figured out that Tomcat was dying when I closed the window I started it

I was able to fix this by editing so that "run" also starts it
in the background. 

Anyone have an idea why might be getting "run" rather than
"start" and why is it behaving this was now when it wasn't before?

Any thoughts would be appreciatted.



	Brock Barber
	Applications Group
	MBD (McNair Business Development Inc.)

	Direct: 789-0019
	Fax: 789-7630
	E-Mail: <>

	A head for business.

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