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From Alexandre Bouchard <>
Subject Re: I need an advice to make Tomcat a NT service
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 22:00:35 GMT
Thx for the warning Randy (about the JDBC-ODBC)

I didn't know that JDBC-ODBC was experimental and instable. I already asked
to the mailing list which kind of driver (1,2,3 or 4) I should use for my
database accessing, and many adviced me not to use JDBC-ODBC. But in my
testing environment (tomcat is not yet deployed, i am still testing it on my
pc before risking me on the big servers of the company) I tested JDBC-ODBC
and it worked fine. I am not sure of the meaning of "thread safe". Does that
mean that if 2 users try at the same time to send queries then the server
will crash? Or that if I log out and let tomcat+IIS run as a service then
the server will crash? Or both?


But the more I use Access DBs, the more I want to get rid of them (I did not
chose this weak technology, it's the one i replaced that did) I think I will
replace it by SQLServer [ if I'd be alone, the architecture would be
BSD-Apache-Tomcat-mySQL, but the office is full of microsoft-certified guys
]. I've got two more questions about that:
-is it hard to install (how many hours approx) ?  //scuse me if this one is
not related to jakarta
-is it it easy to communicate from JDBC to SQLServer DBs ?

Thx (Again)

> Someone has already answered about the service so I will pass over
> that issue and warn you of another problem in your architecture.
> Sun's JDBC-ODBC bridge is not thread safe.  If you attempt two
> concurrent connections then you will get a crash (Dr. Watson or GPF
> depending on version of Windows).  You can read about this in the Bug Parade
> (I don't have the number currently).  Sun's response is that the JDBC-ODBC
> bridge is experimental and should not be used in a production environment.
> I would suggest you find other drivers, either ODBC or otherwise for your
> application.
> Randy
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Alexandre Bouchard []
>> Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2001 7:59 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: I need an advice to make Tomcat a NT service
>> At business, they were using IIS running on NT4 with ASP as
>> the scripting
>> language... until I arrived :)  With the help of this mailing
>> list's archive
>> and users, I set up a JDBC-ODBC bridge, and I make IIS give
>> Tomcat the JSP
>> job (no more ASP ! relief !).
>> Now, all I have to do is to make Tomcat a NT service so that
>> when the server
>> administrator logs off, the server will still run. I am using
>> java version
>> 1.3, and I faced the bug #4323062. I read the information
>> available at the
>> url:
>> and I saw many solutions proposed. What I need is a
>> simple-to-setup, yet
>> reliable, solution. Bill Giel's solution seems good for me.
>> Should I use it?
>> Is it simple enough?
>> So I need feedbacks from people who installed successfully Tomcat as a
>> service that do not die if the user logs off. How did you
>> avoided the bug?
>> What solution did you used? Was that simple to setup? And how
>> reliable is
>> your server now?
>> Thx
>> Alexandre Bouchard,
>> Intranet administrator
>> Bell

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