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From Alexandre Bouchard <>
Subject I need an advice to make Tomcat a NT service
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 23:59:26 GMT
At business, they were using IIS running on NT4 with ASP as the scripting
language... until I arrived :)  With the help of this mailing list's archive
and users, I set up a JDBC-ODBC bridge, and I make IIS give Tomcat the JSP
job (no more ASP ! relief !).

Now, all I have to do is to make Tomcat a NT service so that when the server
administrator logs off, the server will still run. I am using java version
1.3, and I faced the bug #4323062. I read the information available at the
and I saw many solutions proposed. What I need is a simple-to-setup, yet
reliable, solution. Bill Giel's solution seems good for me. Should I use it?
Is it simple enough?

So I need feedbacks from people who installed successfully Tomcat as a
service that do not die if the user logs off. How did you avoided the bug?
What solution did you used? Was that simple to setup? And how reliable is
your server now?


Alexandre Bouchard,
Intranet administrator

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