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From "Kumar, Amit" <>
Subject Debugging servlets in Tomcat using Visual Cafe Expert 4.0 Edition
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 14:07:35 GMT
I followed the instructions provided  at

to debug servlets in Visual Cafe Expert 4.0. I am using tomcat 3.2.1
I get following error when I provide -start as the argument to
org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat.class successfully loaded
Usage: java org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat {options}
  Options are:
    -config file (or -f file)  Use this file instead of server.xml
    -help (or help)            Show this usage report
    -home dir (or -h dir)      Use this directory as tomcat.home
    -stop                      Shut down currently running Tomcat

When I don't specify any argument it fails with 
org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat.class successfully loaded
Exception raised:  "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
You may press F5 to continue with default exception handling)
Please help.
Amit Kumar

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