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From Michael Wentzel <>
Subject RE: [ClassPath] JSP, JDBC, and mm.MySql
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 18:52:21 GMT
> i'm not too sure about Apache, i don't use that one for JSP. 
> I'm running JRun for my JSP. I do use Apache for PHP though. 
> It took me a long time setting up a mySQL connection using 
> JSP before someone told me that there is no need for any 
> CLASSPATH inclusions in the bat file. CLASSPATH was not 
> required. Only thing needed to be done was placing the 
> "mysql.jar" file in the /servers/lib folder of my JRun. And 
> worked. Apache has a /lib folder too, trying 
> placing the jar file thier and see if it works...
> SupremeBeing
> >Date:         Thu, 17 May 2001 23:49:16 -0500
> >Reply-To:
> >From: Jon Shoberg <jshoberg@CBD.NET>
> >
> >        Its getting late but I'm not having too much luck at 
> getting a sucessful
> >JSP / mysql connection.  Given the error message below can 
> someone explain
> >where I should be setting my class path and the actual 
> mm.mysql files or the
> >entire jar file? I am using jdk1.3 with the latest apache on 
> win2K pro.

You simply need to put your jar in web-inf/lib/.  This is
all well documented and has been posted several times on
this list already.  If you want to get the answer to your
questions much more quickly and bog down the list much
less at the same time please check archives before posting
a question.

Michael Wentzel
Software Developer
Software As We Think -

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