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From "Swart, James (Jim) ** CTR **" <>
Subject FW: From Vaskar
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 17:58:50 GMT

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From: Filip Hanik []
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 11:53 AM
Subject: RE: From Vaskar

please refer this to the "tomcat-user" list
thanks and have a great week

Namaste - I bow to the divine in you
Filip Hanik
Software Architect 

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>From: Swart, James (Jim) ** CTR ** []
>Sent: Monday, June 11, 2001 10:24 AM
>To: ''
>Subject: RE: From Vaskar
>well.. for starters.. open a "command" prompt and run it from there.. that
>will SHOW you what is going on rather than it just disappearing! :-)
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>From: Vaskar Mistri []
>Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2001 9:11 AM
>Subject: From Vaskar
>I joined this list today. I'll start off with a problem I'm facing.
>I'm having some problem running the command "startup.bat" on Win98 SE
>to start JSDK2.1's servlet runner.
>I have classpath and everything else set up properly.
>The problem is that when I issue the command startup.bat at the command
>a new command window pops up and then disappears(rather vanishes)
>Earlier I faced the same problem while trying to start the Tomcat
>Initially I used Tomcat 3.2.1 and downloaded that from Jakarta's tomcat
>Later I downloaded Tomcat 3.2-b7 from jboss
>And using that I could start the Tomcat server properly.
>It would be great if you could tell me what's going wrong and how do I
>fix it
>or get around it.
>With regards,
>-Vaskar Mistri

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