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From Brian Kejser <>
Subject Configuration and performance
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 13:05:50 GMT

1. Is there any advantage in using Apache Web Server as a front end to
Tomcat when the bulk of the site being served is dynamic (i.e. servlets)?

2. Is there any advantage in using high end drives on a Tomcat Web Server
(running Red Hat Linux on Intel hardware)? When is disk access required
(i.e. what is cached in memory and what isn't)? Would using a RAM drive
negate the need for high end drives? If so, what files would be placed in
the RAM drive?

3. How much memory can Tomcat take advantage of (512M, 1024M)?

4. How does Tomcat perform in relation to other Java Application Servers?
Are there any web sites that display test results?

Thank you

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