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From Crispin Driver <>
Subject Tomcat / Apache environment question
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 11:41:26 GMT
Hi There,

A am pretty inexperienced with Tomcat, so this will (hopefully) be a fairly simple question
(to the initiated). I have trawled through various FAQ / mailing lists etc, but I can't find
a definitive answer, one way or the other, so I am hoping that someone here may be able to

We are running Tomcat and Apache on an AIX box, with Tomcat serving a number or virtual domains.
These are separately defined in Apache, using the <Host Virtual> directive. As part
of the basic configuration, we wish to set a number of environment variables *within Apache*,
both globally, and specifically to each virtual server, using the SetEnv VARIABLE_NAME value
command in the appache httpd.conf. We then want to access these variables from TOMCAT, so
that behaviours will be specific to each virtual domain. Using C++, and standard CGI, accessing
these variables is trivial using the getenv command, however, this command is deprecated (doesn't
even work now!) in Tomcat, and the getProperty command only returns the details of the Tomcat
environment, and not the Apache Server environment (even though Tomcat is running under Apache).

I believe that this is possible under JServe, but does anyone know if it is possible to get
the Apache server environment variables from Tomcat, and if so, how can this be achieved.
If this is NOT possible, can anyone explain whther this is just an oversight/bug in Tomcat,
or whether this behaviour is by design, for security, or some other reason.

Thanks in advance.

Crispin Driver

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