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From Klaus Sonnenleiter <>
Subject Re: AW(...)(Abwesenheitsnotiz) german is not that easy
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 14:46:05 GMT
At 03:54 PM 6/29/2001 +0200, you wrote:
>should be
>Halten Sie Ihre Klappe.
>(Petra is female).
>Haltens seine clappe!
>i know this is waay off topic but:
>'sie' is (in this context) the polite translation of 'you' (in opposite to 
>the informal translation to 'du') (and 'ihre' is the polite translation of 
>'your'). even if the mail came from a 'hans' then you have to write 
>'Halten Sie ihre Klappe'.
>btw: if you want to be that rude you could also say 'halt deine klappe' 
>where 'deine' is the informal translation of 'your'. or just 'schnauze!' 
>where you can omit any form of adress.

But then, since we're talking about Austrians here - and behind their 
vacationed backs, mind you! - shouldn't we at least be polite enough to be 
rude in Austrian? Like in "Ge heerst, a Ruah is". <gd&r>

>alexander hoernlein

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