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From Patrick Tiquet <>
Subject mod_jk load-balancing and errors
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 16:15:42 GMT
I'm attempting to setup Apache/mod_jk to load-balance through a hardware
load-balancer. So far it works, I get nice, even, balancing of requests
between Tomcat servers. All is fine until I shutdown one of the Tomcat
When I shutdown one of the Tomcat servers I'm load-balancing to, I get a few
errors, and then everything is fine. I assume that this is because mod_jk
keeps a pool of open connections to the Tomcat servers, and then when it
tries to send a request down one of the connections to the absent Tomcat
server, it returns an error, and then closes that connection. 
What I am trying to do is eliminate these errors I get when a Tomcat server
goes away. I tried placing a hardware load-balancer between Apache and
Tomcat, but then discovered that I ran into the same problem thanks to the
pool of persistent connections. 
It would be great if mod_jk would either a) Make a new connection to Tomcat
for each request so that a hardware load-balancer can be placed between the
two and will only direct requests to the Tomcat server(s) that are
functioning... or b) mod_jk smart enough to not send a request down a dead
Any thoughts or suggestions?

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