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From "Maddux, Craig" <>
Subject Error 500
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 18:22:18 GMT
I've gotten what seems to be a rather common error, after having reviewed
the mailing archives... but none of the solutions that seem to work for
other people have solved my problem.

For JSP pages, Tomcat can't find the sun/tools/javac/main.  This is, of
located in the tools.jar.  So far, this is what I've done:

Specified JAVA_HOME to the root of my jdk (version 1.3, though I have tried,
gotten similar results, with 1.2.2).

Classpaths - I've put the necessary classpaths in.  I've moved all of the
tomcat/lib jars
over to the jdk classpath jre/lib/ext, as had been suggested previously.
I've even gone
so far as to specificy, exactly, the tools.jar file (i.e.,

Path - I've included my jdk bin directory in the path, and have access to
from any directory.

I've also tried reinstalling Tomcat, with a fresh download, and still
nothing worked.  Any
suggestions as to what to try next?

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