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From Reynir Hübner <>
Subject RE: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBHome
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 12:52:32 GMT
you will need to have your ejbclasses in the classpath of tomcat, then u
can access the classes over JNDI.

have a nice day 

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From: Verhoff, Kevin A. []
Sent: Friday, June 29, 2001 12:54 PM
Subject: NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBHome

Hello all,

This, in my opinion, is a very strange error.  We have tried everything
can think of and still have no luck with this.

What we are trying to do is to get Tomcat on a desktop machine to access
EJBs running inside of JBoss on another machine.  However, we get the
following error:

     java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/ejb/EJBHome

I have searched the tomcat and JBoss archives for a solution and tried
several things on my own, including moving the J2EE jar into different
places in the classpath, going as far as putting it specifically in the
classpath.  I did find that someone had managed to get this exact same
to work and wrote a howto describing how to set everything up.  

We did try and write a command line client to access the EJB and it

Tomcat seems to be getting the context using the JBoss libraries and
spits out the error above.  I have repeatedly made sure that the
J2EE.jar or
the ejb.jar that comes with JBoss is in the classpath along with the
libraries, and still have had no luck.

Our setup is:

WinNT running apache and Tomcat as the client

 and the server is

Win2000 running IIS, JBoss and Tomcat

Has anyone else run into this?  Thanks in advance for any help that you


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