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From Tim O'Neil <>
Subject Re: Graceful Shutdown
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 21:47:16 GMT
At 01:42 PM 6/14/2001, you wrote:
>To avoid confusion - let's step thru \bin\tomcat.bat script:
> >bin\tomcat.bat stop

Lemme ask you... what makes more sense; zero
in on the the script right next to tomcat.bat
that is titled "SHUTDOWN.BAT" and perhaps make
a "wild" leap of faith, or run to this list to
ask you how to "step through" a completely different
script? I'm glad you have the time. Avoid confusion
I guess the difference between me and the vast
majority of neophytes who ask the most retarded
questions on here is that I take two seconds to
look around and get a little bit familiar with
something before I use it.

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