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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: performance monitoring tools
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 14:16:50 GMT
Hi Bill,

Some time ago, I had the same problem trying to optimize performance of
some servlets. I found no free product that did the job -- I used an
evaluation license of OptimizeIt, found the problem (a switch to log4j
did the trick) and then forgot about buying it.

Could you please share your findings with the list?


y un saludo,


Bill Graham wrote:
> Can anyone recommend any good (and possibly free) server performance
> monitoring software? I've been looking at products like OptimizeIt
> and JProbe and was wondering if there're any open source products
> around that would provide similar functionality.
> I'm trying to get a feel for where hot spots might exist in our
> application, i.e., how long methods calls or commands are taking,
> to tune our system. I've done some work with Tomcat's RequestInterceptors
> to get some numbers on time taken for servlets to do there service()
> methods, but I'm trying to get some finer grained metrics than I think
> the interceptors are capable of.
> To be specific, I've done some tests with Filip Hanik's
> PerformanceInterceptors (thanks Filip), which works great, but we have
> individual servlets that handle many different types of requests, each
> of which we want to analyze.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> tomcat rules! :)
> bill

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