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From Vuillamy Andreane <>
Subject Needs to open 2 ports on Tomcat 3.2.1, how to do?
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 13:13:05 GMT
Hi all,

I'm trying to upgrade Tomcat from an old version (I don't know which
one) to Tomcat 3.2.1, for the application I'm working on. In the past,
two ports where specified in the server.xml file :

<Server adminPort="XX" workDir="work">
    <ContextManager port="YY" hostName="{0}" inet="{1}">

We used the adminPort of the tag server to open a port for an RMI server
and we used the port of the context manager as the default (Http
On the version 3.2.1, I found the default Http connector declaration in
the server.xml file, but I cannot find anthing to set the port of our
RMI server. I tried to use the AJP12 connector, but when the RMI server
is launched, the exception Stream broken occurs.

How do I do to open an RMI port? Do I have to develop an RMI handler, in
order to create a new connector that handles this?

Thanks in advance,

Andreane Vuillamy.

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