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From Mark Stewart <>
Subject Runaway Thread Problem
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 12:29:05 GMT
I have searched through the archives and have found several people with
this problem, but nothing that seems to fix it. Any help would be

We are running Apache 1.3.19, Tomcat 3.2.2, mod_jk, ajp13. After a day
or so with a user load, our thread count continues to climb and threads
are not released. We are running PoolTcpConnector and have made sure
that threads are being released on our development site. We have a
script that monitors the threads every hour and they seem to just
increment throughout the day and  are never released. Once the thread
count reaches the 500 point, Tomcat stops responding. The apache server
continues to accept requests once Tomcat stops. Once we restart Tomcat,
the process cycles through again. Along with the thread count
increasing, memory usage climbs until there is 5-10 MB free.

We have moved the max threads value from 50-75-150-200 which didn't
change the symptoms. We move the session timeout in WEB-INF/web.xml to 5
with no help. We have tried simulating the user load on our development
environment but the thread count returns back to a normal level after
letting it idle for a few minutes. I'm guessing we have issues in our
application but have not been able to uncover them so far.

Again thanks for any insight into the problem.


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