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From Dmitri Colebatch <>
Subject Re: newbie: At web servers.
Date Sun, 17 Jun 2001 11:42:54 GMT

localhost is merely an alias for the loopback device (  find
out what the ipaddress of your machine is.  I'm assuming you're on
windows, I think the command is ipconfig on win98, or winipcfg on nt. 
you'll need to type this at the command prompt rather than clicking on
the file, so (excuse me if I'm patronizing), go Start Menu -> Run ->
command, then when you're at the command prompt type ipconfig, it should
show you a series of numbers, the first of which (I think) is you're ip
address.  to check this, replace localhost with it to get the example
page up.  this will then work from any computer (depending on the
network you're on).

hope this helps

LeRoi wrote:
> Hi,
> With much ado and help from this user group I finally got Tomcat up and
> running on my NT server box.  Again, many thanx to all.  When I type
> http://localhost:8080/ I get the example page up.  Now my stupid question
> is, how do I call that same page from my client machine?  I have tried:
> http://ServerName:</path/to/tomcat>/webapps/ROOT/index.html and
> http://ServerName:8080/ with no success.  If I point Windows Explorer to the
> index.html file and open it, the page is displayed.  However, clicking on
> any link does not display anything but a blank page.
> Does this mean that I have to install Apache and then configure Tomcat to
> work with it if I want to access pages on another machine over my little
> intranet?
> Thanx,
> LeRoi

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