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From Chris McNeilly <>
Subject Re: JDBC drivers for SQL server
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2001 01:32:30 GMT
We're using freetds ( which is an open source 
JDBC driver for SQL Server.  We've been running with it for a month and 
only had one problem (jdbc realm wasn't working) that got cleared up by 
some supportive folks on their mailing list.


Alexandre Bouchard wrote:

> I am looking for good&cheap (free if possible) JDBC drivers for SQL server.
> Randy, you told me make good drivers. Maybe we will opt for
> this cie but their prices range from USD 200 to 400... Its expensive for
> mere drivers (are JDBC drivers so difficult to develop?)
> And i was wondering if there isn't any JDBC drivers supplied with SQL
> server. If so, we wouldn't have to pay third-party cie, the migration to
> servlet would be cheaper, and my boss, happier.
> If not, what other (cheaper or free if possible) alternatives do i have?
> Thx
> alex

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