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From Antony Bowesman <>
Subject Re: Per-context authentication database
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 14:08:53 GMT

Twylite wrote:
> >   Context ctx = req.getContext();
> >   String jaasConfigEntry = ctx.getInitParameter(jaasConfigKey);
> Interestingly I'm doing something almost exactly like that ... but
> no matter what page/context I'm accessing I appear to be getting
> the root context from req.getContext() .  Any suggestions?

Have you got the different contexts defined in server.xml?

> >I'm not sure what you mean by not wanting to write your own logic to
> >handle the authentication.  JDBC realm simply does string comparison
> Many in the Great Unwashed Masses seem oblivious to the existance
> of Tomcat's logon handling, and write their own code in JSPs with
> lots of If...Thens to check if the person is logged on, and
> authenticate in their own way against their own database(s). 
> i.e. not using Realms at all.

Given the paucity of documentation, it's not surprising!


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