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From "D. Jay Newman" <>
Subject Re: AW: tomcat on a home machine???
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2001 13:09:59 GMT
He's running linux. He can run his own nameserver for his internal network
(even if it's only one machine). He can also setup an ip-alias to one
of the "safe" addresses (I use and names like yyy.home.jay.

Just to run Tomcat you don't need the full internet, though it helps to
pretend...  :)

Since he's stated he doesn't want to run it as an outside server, this
should do everything he wants.

> > Thus it will be impossible to resolve a domain name to the IP address of
> > your server from the public internet, as it will change every 
> > time you dial.
> yes, it is possible with services like
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