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From "Cris J. Holdorph" <>
Subject An opensource (apache style license) file upload servlet
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2001 03:11:11 GMT

I've been searching the net, high and low, for implementations of 
RFC 1867, "Form-based File Upload in HTML" in a Java Servlet.  Specifically
a servlet that will run in tomcat 3.2.x.

The common answer seems to be the O'Reilly classes talked about in
Jason Hunter's "Java Servlet Programming" book.  However, the license
for all of the com.oreilly.servlet.* code available from,
"that every person on the development team for that project owns a copy of
the book" for commercial use.  My company can not meet that guarantee.
So, as far as that goes, I guess the O'Reilly classes are not an option.

Is there another option that is more Open Source, apache license style,
for doing http file uploads, in Servlets?  I can implement my own from the
spec, but I sure hate to reinvent the wheel.  Especially so much of that
Mime stuff.

I look forward to any answers this tomcat-user list can provide.

---- Cris J H

ps.  In case I haven't been clear.  It must be *FREE*, with *SOURCE*, for
*COMMERCIAL* use.  If we have to "pay" for it, I already have those answers.

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