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From "Tom Holmes Jr." <>
Subject JDBC/JNDI DataSource
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:26:43 GMT
I looked through the archives first, so I think this question has been answered before.

Does Tomcat support JDBC/JNDI DataSources and/or Connection Pooling?   I heard a rumor that
Tomcat 4.x is supposed to have support for this, but how long has it been out for, and is
Tomcat 4.x stable?

Currently, I am using Orion as my App Server and I love it.  It's small, convenient, can be
easily moved around, and supports JNDI/JDBC Datasources.   It's free to developers, but $1500
per Server for Commercial use.

On two projects that I may be on, they are thinking about going to Tomcat 3.2.x.  I really
don't know that much about this server except that it's Open Source, can tie in with a few
different web-servers (Apache, IIS, etc.), and that it can execute JSP, Servlets, and JavaBeans,
but not EJB's ... is that correct?   

So, I didn't know if it would be worth it to test out Tomcat, or stick with my Orion for now.

Thanks for any help.


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