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From "Carl Rosenberger" <>
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:10:20 GMT
> When adding c:\java\my-web-app-dir\web-inf\classes to CLASSPATH
> Tomcat is loosing the jars in my c:\java\my-web-app-dir\web-inf\lib

Hi Niv,

we have also spent 2 days last week to debug this problem, since a user of
our object database had problems to get in running.

The setup:
The jar of our engine was registered in the global CLASSPATH. The user had
his classes in ..\project-dir\web-inf\classes (not in the CLASSPATH). The
phenomena was very interesting:
The classes would work O.K. but our engine got a ClassNotFoundException
calling Class.forName() for all web-inf\classes when it was invoked from the
init() of the servlet.

Two workarounds were possible:
- ..\project-dir\web-inf\classes added to the CLASSPATH
- placing all Jars in ..\project-dir\web-inf\lib

Maybe the second solution might work our for you.

I would also consider the behaviour to be a Tomcat bug.

Kind regards,
Carl Rosenberger
db4o - database for objects -

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