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From Andreas Lehmann <>
Subject RE: Jakarta Tomcat NT service stopping itself
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 08:56:20 GMT
I tried the JRE 1.2.2_007 and everything works fine. You are able to logon 
and logoff without stopping the service. Today I tried the JRE 1.3.1 
because I thought the bug has been fixed (I checked this on the Beta 
Release - it works fine too).

But the Service stopped if someone logs out.

After reading a while I found a flag for the java.exe: -Xrs
This flag fixes the bug. (but you can't use the system signals anymore!)

To switch this flag on, you have to edit the and add the 
-Xrs flag to the commandline at the end of the file:

# This is the command line that is used to start Tomcat. You can *add* 
# parameters to it but you can not remove anything.
wrapper.cmd_line=$(wrapper.javabin) -Xrs -classpath $(wrapper.class_path) 
$(wrapper.startup_class) -config $(wrapper.server_xml) -home 

With these changes everything works fine again - even on JRE 1.3.1

Hope this helps someone....


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