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From "Bhootnath Singh" <>
Subject Problems in configuring Tomcat 3.2.1 with apache
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 13:16:21 GMT
    I have configured my web application on tomcat 3.2.1 on Windows NT sp-6 its working fine.
    But I am not able to run my application when I configure Apache(version 1.3.20) with Tomcat.
    When I enter the URL(http://localhost:80/myApp) for my application. It shows me the directory
structure of my application
     instead of the jsp file that I have configured in the web.xml of my application.
     The entry of the welcome file list in web.xml is

     But if I place a simple html page in the root directory of my application.And after that
enter the URL(http://localhost:80/myApp) 
     I get that html page.
     So what I feel is that some how it is not able to understand the <welcome-file-list>
tag in the web.xml.

     If I navigate through the directory structure shown on the browser and go to the AgentLogin.jsp.
     The agentLogin.jsp comes up from which the control has to go to a servlet AgentLogin
whose class files are placed in
     WEB-INF\classes\. But it is not able to find this servlet.

     As a part of configuration I have added this line to httpd.conf of Apache

include C:/jakarta-tomcat-3.2.1/conf/mod_jk.conf-auto 

I am using mod_jk.dll which I have placed under modules dir of Apache
In the apache-tomcat.conf file if I try to make any changes it gets overwritten. The first
line of this file has the following entry
"LoadModule jserv_module modules/ApacheModuleJServ.dll"
If I edit the above line to "LoadModule jserv_module modules/mod_jk.dll " it gets over written
with the original value
Please help me out



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