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From "Christian Cabanero" <>
Subject jsp:include question - weird URL with ".."
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 01:12:28 GMT

I have a question about using jsp:include.  I have a relative URL that has a
".." in it.

<jsp:include page="afx_2001_05_25_ANL_5310-1539-NEW.ECO.CBK.ANL.USA...html"
flush="true" />

What's weird is that the html file doesn't get included when viewing the jsp
page.  Nor does it generate any errors, it's just simply ignored and the
contents of the html file don't show up when viewing the JSP file.  But, if
I view the file normally, not going through the jsp:include, and just point
my browser directly to the html file itself it works fine.  The problem
seems to be linked to the ".." before the ".html" because when I remove it
it works fine, but unfortunately these file names are generated and I can't
get around having the ".." in it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Christian Cabanero

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