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From kamesh jayachandran <>
Subject some doubts abt precompiling jsps.
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 01:24:08 GMT
Hai all,
As suggested I can precompile the jsps to classes,but the problem is
1)With jspc I am able to parse the jsps to java files.Now I can
compile.But tomcat follows its own naming convention when compiling the
jsps to classes upon request(if it is not precompiled).Shall I have to
follow the conventions in to make tomcat recognize it.But one solution
sugested is 
$./ -webxml $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/urcontext/WEB-INF/web.xml -d
$TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/urcontext/WEB-INF/classes -webapp

It parses the jsp files in the context "urcontext" to java files to my
classes folder now I have to compile it.

It generates the web.xml file which maps the jsp request to a compile
According to my understanding each web application will have one
JSPServlet instance and depending on the request the corresponding pages
will be shown as the output stream of JSPServlet.(This is what I infer
from the extension mapping in the ROOT web.xml file).If I generate the
web.xml which points to each request to each servlet,It will lead to many
servlets instanaces instead of one JSPServlet.

Any other solution .........
kamesh jayachandran

"I would suggest you to read through the following book and files:
	* Kernighan & Pike, "The Practice of Programming"
	* Documentation/CodingStyle
	* drivers/net/aironet4500_proc.c
 and consider, erm, discrepancies. On the second thought, reading K&R
 might also be useful. IOW, no offense, but your C is bad beyond belief."
 	- Al Viro

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