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From Endre StĂžlsvik <>
Subject Re: Objects in Vector are loosing type
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 06:38:57 GMT
On Thu, 3 May 2001, Milt Epstein wrote:

| Maybe your app could use some reorganizing.

Yeah, maybe, Milt.

Why don't you ask the developers, then? I actually believe that all things
I said in those mails about reloading in TC3.x and TC4 are correct.

And the reason for me having to restart every time is that I basically
have made a "server" running "on top of tomcat", and there's basically
only 3 servlets running, but with lots of helper classes and stuff around.

The reason for _always_ getting a ClassCastException is that I have all my
user information stored in a User object. This won't ever reload (that is,
serialize/deserialize, or in some other way being "cast" over to the new
classloader), and when i retrieve it from the HttpSession, it's _always_

I'm not the only one making such "complicated" apps. The exact same story
about the "User object" have been mentioned a couple of times on this

And that's how it is.



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