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Subject Was there an answer to this? (setProperty and repeating form fields)
Date Tue, 29 May 2001 17:52:35 GMT
I find myself in a situation similar to this, and I wondered if there was
ever an answer to the question.

In order to set my bean properties based on an incoming (POST'ed) HTML
I'm using the following construct in a JSP page:

<jsp:useBean id="ord" class="ord.OrderBean" scope="request">
  <jsp:setProperty name="ord" property="*"/>

It works fine except now I want to process something a little different.
working on an Order entry system and the Order Items are a repeating group
fields.  In my HTML form I have <input> fields named like "partNumber0,
quantity0, price0" and "partNumber1, quantity1, price1" that repeat for
potential item in an order.

Is there any way to use the <jsp:setProperty> construct to automatically
the properties in an OrderItems bean.  I'm guessing it might have something
do with indexed properties but I really can't see how this would work.  If
have my bean as

public class OrderItemBean
   String[] partNumber;

   public void setPartNumber( int index, String value ) {...}

Is the JSP runtime going to be able to take the partNumber0 field and be
to call my indexed-property setter method with the correct index.  What if
use the version

   public void setPartNumber( String[] value );

as my setter method?


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