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From "Rainer Mager" <>
Subject Fixed Tomcat white pages and no responses problem...for me anyway.
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 23:33:14 GMT
Hi all,

	I know quite a few people have experienced problems with Tomcat such that a
web hit will hang (never return) or give an immediate empty page. These
incidences are somewhat dependant on traffic and when under heavy load seem
to increase. Anyway, we too saw this problem with Tomcat 3.2.x and 3.3.x (we
haven't tried 4.0 yet). Well, for us anyway, we managed to get around this
problem with 3.3.
	Basically, I ran Tomcat from within a debugger (Borland JBuilder) and found
that when these errors occur Tomcat didn't seem to be at fault, that is, I
could find no threads doing anything wrong. This, compounded with other
tests, eventually led me to believe the problem was in the communication
from Apache to Tomcat. I tested this by running Tomcat stand-alone and with
Apache (Ajp13) under heavy loads. When running with Apache we could
reproduce the problem within minutes, to the point where the server (the
combination of Apache and Tomcat) was in a state where nearly every second
or third hit had the above problem. When running with Tomcat stand-alone
(running servlets on port 8080) and Apache serving static pages on port 80
we could not reproduce the problem after hours of testing.
	Obviously the big problem with this solution is the need to run on
multiple, non-standard, ports. If you have the above problems and can live
with this then you might want to try our solution. Of course you could
alternatively run everything through Tomcat on port 80 but this has its own

	Today I hope to begin testing these problems with 3.2.2b4 which I have
heard may not have the existing problem. Anyone else with news on this


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