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From "Robin Imrie" <>
Subject running servlets on IIS
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 10:02:22 GMT

I am running tomcat 3.2 and IIS4 on NT Server 4.

I am using IIS to deliver asp pages and want to use tomcat to run my
servlets. I have set-up tomcat to run in process. My first servlet is used
to process a form using the Post method, when I press the submit button I
get the following error back:

HTTP Error 405
405 Method Not Allowed

The method specified in the Request Line is not allowed for the resource
identified by the request. Please ensure that you have the proper MIME type
set up for the resource you are requesting.

What is the best way to configure Tomcat and IIS so that I can run servlets?

When I run my servlets should I use a full URL path or should I be able to
use a relative path.



Robin Imrie
Software Engineer

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