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From "Jeff Walker" <>
Subject Apache not talking to Tomcat on port 8007? I need a rubber room...
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 14:44:54 GMT

Hi all,

Apache cannot find tomcat at port 8007.

I am getting this error when trying to load a servlet through
apache. Tomcat log on startup:

2001-05-24 12:01:34 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting HttpConnectionHandler on
2001-05-24 12:01:34 - PoolTcpConnector: Starting Ajp12ConnectionHandler on

Apache log on request:

[24/05/2001 09:38:34:294] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: can not connect to host
[24/05/2001 09:38:34:294] (EMERGENCY) ajp12: connection fail
[24/05/2001 09:38:34:295] (ERROR) an error returned handling request via
protocol "ajpv12"

Tomcat is starting correctly before apache, and I can reach tomcat at port
8080 with
the web browser.

WTF is wrong? How can I test whether port 8007 is really open and listening?
Anyone else seen this problem? I have been over the config files a million
and they look correct. Please help out a lamer moron dumbass. please?


Jeff Walker
Chattanooga, TN

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