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From "Michael Bogecho" <>
Subject Tomcat authentication fails through apache
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 17:30:27 GMT
 I am new to Tomcat.  I installed Tmocat for windows 3.2.1, as well as apache 1.3.9.  I followed
the simple steps for setting up an Apache->Tomcat link.  When accessing the http://localhost/
address I get the default apache webpage, when I access the directory eg. http://localhost/examples/
in which my tomcat examples exist I can access and execute all the JSP /servlet examples except
the example which uses form based authentication.  The apache server incorrectly tried to
find a directory/file called j_security_check.  When running the same example directly through
Tomcat (eg. http://localhost:8080) it works fine.  Would anyone know what causes this?

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