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From "Dave Simms" <>
Subject Startup script doesn't work on reboot
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 17:13:06 GMT

Hi All,

I used both a script I created, and one I found when I searched through this 
mailing list (Neil's Aggarwal's script, 2/15/01).  Both scripts worked fine 
when ran while our computer was on (running RedHat 7.0, tomcat 3.1).  But 
when I reboot the machine, tomcat doesn't start (although when I look at the 
processes using "ps ax" --- it does show tomcat processes running).  Does 
anyone know what the problem here could be?  I don't think it should make a 
difference, but I am starting tomcat with a different server.xml file with 
the command:

"/usr/local/jakarta-tomcat/bin/ -f 

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