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From Jörg Schorr <>
Subject 'Servlet' pipeline
Date Mon, 21 May 2001 13:27:37 GMT

I am currently looking for the best solution for the following problem:

in our application, when a user gets authenticated we need to perform
specific tasks (I use standard j2ee web authentication, form based). The
idea is to plug a servlet between the j2ee web authentication mecanism, and
the actual servlet handling the request.

I was looking at interceptors, but I am not sure anymore if it is the best
solution, as to my understanding:

1. a request interceptor is called at each request, although I only need it
after a specific interceptor (currently the LDAP authentication one, but
there could be other cases in the future) and
2. this system is going to disappear with the next tomcat generation (going
to be valves).

Any suggestion would be very helpful.

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